Austin Bay, Courtesy of Strategy Page



Expanded intervention in Syria’s civil war? The promised “red line” punitive strike? An equivocal pause for congressional rumination? Ambiguous postponement? Or… a “Saturday Night Live” Emily Litella “never mind” skit on the world stage — farcical incompetence an obscene response to obscene tragedy?


(Full Article @:  Strategy Page, On Point [Link]



Could it be that even President Obama’s ‘allies’ question his motives and loyalties?  Or perhaps that they see America as in a self-induced decline.

Making the (very large) assumption that Assad ordered/allowed chemical weapons to be used, one has to question “What exactly would a ‘limited strike’ accomplish?

If we launch a limited strike and fail to deliver a major disruptive blow to the Assad regime, what is left to fear (for them)?  It might occur to them, that using chemical weapons to crush the rebellion would be in their long-term best interest.

To say nothing, of whomever the Assad regime will ultimately blame to unite the country against ‘evil’ America.

Could the President be signing the death warrants of thousands of people, in order to save face?


But the President has painted America into a corner,

if we don’t strike;  we look weak,

if we use have a limited strike;  we look (just) kind of weak,

if we go full on ape shit; we look like the bully (especially if Russian [and German] intelligence proves to be correct, and US intelligence is wrong, e.g. the Tsarnaev brothers)


Just some food for thought.

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