Thursday Thoughts (19 Sep 13)

A few thoughts for today….


— If you are a criminal, please kindly post images (you know photos) of you doing your criminal activities on your favorite social media.


— For those of you who are confused, military bases are ‘Gun Free Zones’ I know that seems to be unbelievable, but it is true.  So those out there who tweeted, Facebook’d, etc about how a gun nut went bonkers on a base and no one shot him dead, that is not the case.


— On the same note….a couple of RumInt notes:  1)a Capital Police SWAT team (the one who arrived first on scene) was told to stand down.  2) That the gunman was a recent Muslim convert (this one I’m rather suspect of, but…same source and it is a good source), I know it has been reported that he was a Buddhist.


— The drumbeat to war with Syria has died down, never a bad thing, next election, I think we should NOT elect some guy who has no military experience, some business experience would probably be a good idea too.  I’m not sure why we elect so many lawyers in the first place, we would be better off, just electing some inmate from San Quentin.


— If anyone knows anything about Valley Fever aka Coccidioidomycosis, please contact me, I have some questions, I’d like to ask.


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