Neo-Nazis Trying to Take Over North Dakota Town Sent Running by Native American and Anti-Fascist Activists

Stand up to Hate

2012 The Awakening

Love to see activism like this, there’s nothing like Unity consciousness in action…go Leith, N Dakota!



In an update to the story we ran yesterday on the town of Leith, North Dakota being taken over by Neo-Nazi racists, Michael Pugliese tells us from the ground that “Lakota, Dakota, Anishinabe, Apache, African, Irish, German, Norwegian, Spanish, and other anti-racist individuals stood together to fight against the attempted nazi takeover of Leith, North Dakota.”




Pugliese documents the activism “led by indigenous resistors” who are seen “making a presence to ensure that neo nazi/confederate fascists know they have no chance of taking over Leith.”




In the photos we see police protecting Neo-Nazis, “making sure they’re allowed to continue with their white power nonsense” according to Pugliese.



“In the end, it was people power that sent the…

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