Surviving Multiple Active Shooters

The Tactical Hermit


Terrorism by its very nature, is a virus. A virus, in order to survive must adapt and change to defeat anti-biotic/security counter-measures. The Terrorism/Active Shooter MO today is to avoid hard targets like Embassies where the security has been tripled since 9/11 and to strike in force at soft targets where hapless, un-armed throngs of civilians gather in large numbers like hotels and shopping malls either with a suicide bomber or gangs of armed men with automatic weapons. You do not have to think back very far for some tragic examples: The 2008 Mumbai Attacks, where in 13 coordinated bombings and attacks, 257 people were killed and 700 wounded. The latest Tragedy in Kenya,where to date, 62 civilians have been killed and 200 wounded, shows the extreme lengths these cowards will go to ply their trade.

As we have discussed before, surviving one active shooter is a complex and dynamic…

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