Learnings from the Westgate Mall tragedy

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kR-15: info and resources for firearms enthusiasts

The terrorist attack on the Westgate Mall in Kenya was a horrific tragedy. What can we learn from this and what can we rehearse/ train for to help us out in the unlikely but sadly I fear inevitable case that this happens in the US? One thing people SHOULD learn is how much help a good guy with a gun can be…but this article is about how to apply a tactical mindset to survive a horrific event like this.

  • Get off the X. Move your self and your companions right away! Your priorities should be to find cover or concealment as quickly as possible- react and think on the move. Cover is always preferred but if you have to conceal yourselves and then assess a path to cover it's better than nothing.
  • Drawing your weapon is up to you (you are carrying, aren't you??). While your instinct may…

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