Friday Freakout (11 Oct 13)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


I will be honest, this is less a freakout then a stone cold assessment of the ‘benefits’ of the big ass government that recently had 15% of it (give or take) closed down. Admittedly it has been many, many years since I worked at a certain famous fast food burger joint, but if I recall correctly there was at times, 12 people on shift, and other times 4, by my math, that would be a ‘shutdown’ of 66.7%, and yet we were still able to get burgers and fries to the paying customers, and do it quite quickly.  Even at those times when we would get a bus full of hungry football players.

I have been reading reports, no doubt you have as well, of the federal government closing open air memorials, evicting people from federal land on Lake Mead, closing privately owned hotels, and privately funded parks, due to the government shut down.  All things that actually cost more money to do, then to NOT do.


That is not the act of a government of the people,

by the people, and

for the people,

quite the contrary that is a government of the elites,

by the elites,

for the elites,

and by elite, I mean douche-bag, statist, incompetent idiots in the tower.


Now call me an anarchist, but….it sure does seem that the federal government has gone above and beyond to ‘show’ how bad a government shutdown is, by shutting down the few services that the government does do.


Let’s take a quick look at the numbers:

Defense:                3,000,000

Veteran’s Affairs:      235,000

Homeland Security:  208,000

Treasury:                 115,897

Justice:                     112,557

Agriculture:               109,832

Energy:                     109,094

now this list does not include the half a dozen or so, other federal agencies that have less than 100k employees or any of the independent government agencies (like the CIA, EPA, FCC, GSA, NASA, the federal archives, SEC, SSA, or the post office.)


Now that is a whole lot of people doing….stuff?  I think they need a big time audit, not just the [OUR] money that falls into the black hole that is the federal government, but what exactly all those people do.  I get how they feel, who would not want a cushy government job, until you realize that you are paying literally thousands of people to sit on their ass and do little to nothing.


Another real quick thing, here, WHY is Congress, The President, hell any of the higher ups in government, getting a paycheck?  I think if you are a federal employee making over $42,979.61, [which is what the SSA seems to feel is the average annual salary of the average American], gets their salary reduced to that level, unless it is more than twice that, then they abdicate the entire salary, until the government shutdown is over, and no expense accounts, and no back pay.


OK so it was more a friday freakout then I originally intended, but seriously….WTF is up with our dysfunctional government.

BTW check out the Truckers Ride For The Constitution.

NOW is the time to make your voice heard.

If you are able,

join the fight,

make your voice heard,


remember only dead fish go with the flow.

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