Honest Injun


So, I don’t generally follow minority politics because, frankly, I’m not a very divided person. I think when DNA combines to make a human being, that human being is unique and individual. I’m comfortable with having a Swedish dad and an Indian-Irish mom. I’m not a Swedish-Irish-Indian American. I’m more of a mutt-American … or, maybe an Alaskan-American.

But occasionally a cousin forwards stuff to me and I give it due consideration because I don’t reject my grandmother’s culture. It defines a part of who I am, just not the whole. Some of my cousins have not figured out yet that I think the whole racial discrimination thing is a con job that’s gone on way too long.

I guess I heard that the Oneida “Nation” is trying to pressure the Washington football team into changing its name. For the record, my tan has a ruddy cast to it, so…

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