Mordant Monday Morning (14 Oct 13)

Mordant Monday

Mordant Monday


Congratulations to the Nobel Peace Prize selection committee on selecting a bureaucratic organization associated with the United Nations for the Nobel Peace Prize.  I mean really, why would you select a young girl whose completely unreasonable stand on female education got her shot in the face at close range by Islamic extremist terrorists and recovered to become a symbol around the world for bravery.  That is just silly.


Kudos to President Obama for his attempts at making the US Government shut down as painful as possible for those picayune veterans who wanted to see the Memorial paid for by private funds dedicated to their brothers and sisters in arms who died protecting this country.  Open air memorials are not to be enjoyed by the public unless the government says so.  If the shutdown continues the President has already said he will refuse to pay the veterans (even the disabled veterans) that will show them for trying to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  And how humiliating to the President to see all of those barricades piled up in front of the White House.  For Shame, naughty people displaying your displeasure with Barry.


The US Congress has issued a press release attempting to clear up some common misconceptions,

1.)  Boehner is NOT a french name.

2.)  Tomahawks are not Cruz missiles, they are close though.

3.)  Harry Reid did not play the Emperor in Star Wars.

4.)  Neither did Nancy Pelosi.

5.)  There is NO IQ test for membership in Congress.




I hope I put a smile on your face and in your heart for your week at work (unless you are a furloughed government worker in which case for your week at home, Do your Honey Do List, people).










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