Washington, D.C. and the Media’s Hidden Ball Trick Made Clear…


Hidden Ball TrickForeigners and probably, most American women don’t understand American football. And that’s a fair simile for the political football going on in our capital between Congress and the White House, which many don’t understand either. It’s not that it’s so complicated; it’s that the game is played without officials to keep it honest and the sportscasters are almost all on one side.

The players in our game are Donkeys, Elephants and historically but no longer neutral baboons with microphones. Donkeys by another name are asses; elephants are famous for the amount of manure they leave and baboons are famous for being well, baboons. Those comprise the performers we are watching. This will be a close approach to the players’ field, so a clothespin for your nose may be a helpful accessory for those who dislike the aroma of ah, manure.

We need only understand a few simple plays. These include:…

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