Thursday Thoughts (24 Oct 13)


Thoughtful Wolf

Thoughtful Wolf

Here are a few thoughts for today….



— Kathleen Sebelius has completely failed in her leadership role at HHS with the ObamaCare website.  She needs to be fired.


— Speaking of ObamaCare, has a crack appeared in the Congressional Democratic wall of support?  It seems a few of the Democrats are wanting to delay the implementation of ObamaCare.


— Alan Grayson has completely lost what little bit of respectability he has with his latest attempt to fund raise, sending out e-mails with a burning cross labeled Tea Party.  While Mr. Grayson is probably certifiable and definitely undesirable, we do have to wonder what happened to his medicine and think that perhaps it is time to up the dosage.


— Has the Obama administration become Nixon part 2?  Rampant incompetent spying on everyone and their uncle, inability to manage the most simple of projects, and of course complete and total denial of reality.  Perhaps comparing this administration to Nixon’s is just too nice, a good comparison can be made to a certain dictator who ended his days (as leader) in an underground shelter, completely oblivious to the outside world’s harsh realities, while their PR people continued their “Pie in the Sky” happy assessments of the situation.


Secession movement in California gains steam.  The state of Jefferson?  Probably not, but there are some who would like to see southern Oregon and Northern California join together.


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