Monday Morning QBing (28 Oct 13)

Monday Morning QBing

Monday Morning QBing


A few thoughts from this weekend…


1.  The Dallas Cowboys HAVE to get a new RB.  I love DeMarco Murray, but he is too fragile for full time play in the NFL, and nobody else on the team can run the ball.


2.  Megatron is pretty damn good.  As if that is news.


3.  I hear CBS is finally reporting actual news.  Welcome to journalism.


4.  What happened to the ObamaCare girl?  I surmise the young lady is in witness protection.  No doubt hiding from some Sebelius-concocted scheme to blame her for the entire website failure.  Poor girl.


5.  Coast Guard, Maryland State Police, and DHS Do their Best KGB Imitation.  What was the Coast Guard there for?  Good thing we have DHS to protect us from those dangerous and legal potato guns.


6.  Isn’t it cute, how all the European Politicians are upset NOW that it came out that the NSA was spying on one of them.  Funny thing is, these governments all knew that the NSA was spying on them, they knew because they are spying on the US.  Nixon and Obama are notoriously paranoid, but they aren’t unique amongst politicians, just famous.



** As a side note, I’m feeling particularly grouchy today, the pain has been aggravating for the past couple of days.  Anyway enough whining for me today.  😀  Stay safe and Be Good.


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