Day: November 14, 2013

What If Red States Ruled And Blue States Drooled? “Back” Would Be The Future

Right Punditry

I was annoyed again today, when I had to view my Representatives, both State and Federal, and knew they were Socialist Liberal, ‘obamacare’ loving Democrats.  It can make does one feel hopeless, when you know you’re surrounded by greedy, lazy, un- self reliant people, who demand ‘free stuff’ provided and paid off by other people — regardless of their financial status.

My husband and I are not wealthy, which isn’t to say we go hungry or without cable TV.  The fact is:  the majority of “poor” in this country, have cell phones, cable/ Satellite TV, personal car, refrigerators, housing, microwaves, etc., etc.(but don’t get me going on the phoniness of the country’s “poor”).  But regardless of our personal financial status, WE pay taxes to a government who continues to spend like unrestrained, drunken males in a whore house using grandma’s credit card.

Here are a couple of maps I found…

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