Liberal Media Bias: Arne Duncan

The Elephant Cage

This past friday, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan made a statement generalizing those who oppose the Common Core Standards being implemented in 45 states and D.C. as “white suburban moms.” He went on to say that the reason why they are upset is because they are find out that their children aren’t as “brilliant” as they thought they were. There should be widespread outrage over this type of comment.  Duncan is attacking women for trying to hold the education system to a higher standard to unsure that their kids are being well taught. He basically called white moms delusional. This is disgraceful and should not be tolerated but it is because he is a member of the Obama administration and the liberal media has thus let him off the hook. Nowhere on CNN’s or MSNBC’s homepage do you find anything about his comment. Click on MSNBC’s education tab and still…

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