Day: November 26, 2013

Court Declares You Have No ‘Right’ To Eat

The Rio Norte Line

TYRANNY IN THE HEADLINES: U.S. Court Declares War On Citizens

There was an important story on The Blaze this week.  If you do not look to alternative sources to get your news – like The Blaze – then you probably missed it.  Still, if the State-run media covered this story, I would bet they made fun of it rather than treat it like the major issue it was.  In case you are wondering what I am talking about, this past week, a U.S. court of law declared that we are not free people.  In fact, the court claimed that we live only at the pleasure of the State, and that we have no rights save those the State decides to give us. In other words, a U.S. court of law declared open war on the people of America.

Read the rest, it’s important.

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