Facebook Deleting Conservatives?

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Conservative Refocus

On August 24th, we published a news article which dealt with a phenomenon, which we have heard talked about more and more of late, occurring on the social networking site Facebook.  In the article, we explained how Conservative Journalist Jane Jamison’s entire network of friends and contacts, built up over a number of years, was expunged from Facebook for no clear reason.

When Jane requested a reason, she was pretty much given the cold shoulder by Facebook.  Knowing that the Digital World can often be a haphazard thing at best, a number of individuals might say as a result, “well, that happens all the time–no big deal–grow up.”  However, the mystery deepens when another Conservative activist with a respectable web presence was also deleted without so much as a warning or ” buh-bye.”  This,  just a scant…

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