ObamaCare (12 Dec 13)

Last year about this time, most people on the internet were worried about the impending Mayan Apocalypse, or Psy and his Gangnam Style video, which was scarily addictive to us poor souls who watched it.

This year it appears that our impending doom is the full and unadulterated implementation of ObamaCare (which passed the US Senate after c.o.b. on Christmas Eve in 2009.  No sneakiness there.  BTW both the AMA (American Medical Association), and AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) fully endorse ObamaCare, just so you don’t forget who your friends are.)


Now Melissa Harris-Perry aside, we don’t fully understand all the ins and outs of ObamaCare.  (Does anyone?)  We do know that regulating especially as in this case, over-regulating is not going to lower prices, quite the contrary it will increase prices across the board, and let’s not forget the simple but indisputable fact, the federal government screws up everything it touches.  We all know this, it is not a surprise, the bigger the program, the more money to be lost, the bigger the US Government will screw it up.

ObamaCare was not going to be just a Royal screw up, no it was truly going to be an Epic Screw Up, and so far it has exceeded all expectations of screwing up, and sadly it is not even fully implemented.


As far as the future of ObamaCare…

We here at Dak’s Bay’s feel that the current administration will continue to let ObamaCare to limp along under Secretary Sebelius until the 2014 election nears, and then they will drop Ms. Sebelius like a hot potato and claim it needs to be ‘fixed’ comparing its initial launch failure with the Articles of Confederation or to the Apollo 1 tragedy.

Expect nothing less slimy from statists like Pelosi, Reid, and Obama.


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