Black Ineptitude

“he who should be impeached”, I love that.

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For several decades now, black Americans have been indulged like toddlers and treated like China figurines, and not just by liberals, although it seems to me it began under Lyndon Johnson, with Hubert Humphrey serving as the main enabler.


It was under LBJ that new welfare laws pretty much booted black men out of the house by denying welfare to black families if there was a male adult under the roof. As for Humphrey, he was the loon who said that if Affirmative Action led to racial quotas, he would sit down and eat the bill for breakfast. Inevitably, it led to quotas, and, naturally, as is always the case with a liberal’s promises, Humphrey never even ate a little crow.

The next thing we knew, black speech that replaces “are” with “is” and with “they be,” was being called Ebonics and was being referred to…

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