A women to be admired

A short missive that speaks volumes

The Goomba Gazette

News flash by roving reporter PS:

I have said it for years; the best way to rid the USA of 90% of our criminals and 50% of our social problems, financially and otherwise is to get rid of EVERYONE that is not a citizen of the USA and all the anti-American people that live here who are protected by the freedoms that they constantly contradict.

Hire as many planes and ship as necessary and give them all a one way ticket back to where they came from.

The “bleeding hearts” in this country that heave their heads where the sun doesn’t shine and don’t have the backbone or balls to take a hard stand don’t realize that problems do not resolve themselves.

Let me tell you if you didn’t know already, our country is in very bad shape both financially and from with-in.

The Prime Minister of Australia has put…

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