A few days ago, we re-blogged a post courtesy of the US Constitutional Free Press, about a family in Texas who had their children removed by Child Protective Services (CPS), parts of that article were not completely accurate.

In an effort, to provide you the most accurate picture of events, please check out the series of articles at the Texas Home School Coalition website.  The articles are as follows:

Judge Removes Children Illegally

Judge Removes Children, Update

Tutt Case, Partial Victory


You might want to read through all of the comments, as there is a lot more information to be found there.

It appears this case has started a bit of a firestorm in regards to the actions of CPS and the judge in question, one Graciela Olvera.

It appears that this judge does not seem to understand the law correctly as, there was absolutely no grounds for the children to be removed.


Let us not forget that while no one doubts the importance of Child Protective Services, there can also be no doubt that CPS is a bureaucracy and as such, they will bend and twist regulations, guidelines, and laws in order to continue to justify its existence in these tight fiscal times.

In this case, the party that loses the most is the children.



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