Friday Freakout (17 Jan 14)

Friday Freakout

Friday Freakout


What has become of our country?


—   where a president openly lies about the death of 4 American citizens to get re-elected, the media doesn’t say a word, but (allegedly) let a governor of a state close a couple of lanes on a bridge and it is headline news.


—  where a movie in which 19 of the 20 soldiers die, is a pro-war movie (Lone Survivor), but a movie that follows the fictional killing spree of a couple is not pro-serial killer (Natural Born Killers)


—  where a crucifix in urine is art, but tearing a page out of a Koran is a crime.


—  where a big time movie producer who makes gun porn movies (i.e. Grindhouse, Pulp Fiction, & Django Unchained), attacks a gun rights group.


—   where the very people who made their money in our capitalist system, want to change the system because it is ‘unfair’.


—  where soda is cheaper than water.


—  where we spend more money on education then anytime in history, and yet our children are like a box of rocks.


—   where hating your country is in vogue, but patriotism is discouraged.


—   where we pay hundreds of dollars to watch athletes play sports when more then half the adult population is overweight.


—  where actors and politicians are paid hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars but we pay our teachers, soldiers, firemen, police, and first responders peanuts.





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