Saturday Sark (18 Jan 14)



This past week the Department of [In]Justice announced that no wrong doing was found in the IRS witch-hunt against tea party groups dating back to the election year of 2012.  Now, of course, we here at Dak’s Bays are shocked [see shocked face]. OK so we really aren’t shocked, but did you really expect that a statist political appointee would find criminal activity in an organization of questionable ethics anyway?  We didn’t either.


Meanwhile, out in California, wildfires are burning.  Aren’t we glad we spent all that money on Solyndra, instead of fixing already existing problems like the water shortage in the Los Angles basin?


Insurgents capture Fallujah, Iraq, the site of a major US operation during the height of the Iraqi insurgency.  Good thing, President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, huh?





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