While we find the likelihood of a major earthquake and/or other geological events to be remote, we have heard of the so called ‘earthquake lights’ before and feel that their relation to earthquakes to be intriguing.

With that all said, and irregardless of your personal views on the subject,

We strongly suggest a thorough review of your emergency preparations with an eye to earthquake and post-earthquake survival. Water and shelter (as sheltering in place may not be a viable option, requiring you to relocate anywhere from a few hundred yards to several hundred miles.) will be your primary concerns, plan appropriately.



  1. Well, yeah … An earthquake may be unlikely, so far as is known, where you live.So tornadoes, tsunamis etc. as well. But “unlikely” isn’t “can’t happen.” And for those dependent upon sewers, piped water, electrical heat and natural gas, a lot more than those things can interfere with normal living.

    Our bloghost;s advice to stay prepared to deal with impediments to nearly all that we take for granted in daily life is excellent … Take it from one who has sat upon two earthquakes and a flood.


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