Utah cafeteria workers take lunches from students who owed money on their school food accounts

What a bunch of douche bags, cut of the same cloth as those who said “I was only following orders”. They lack the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say, “Hey this is wrong!”. They all deserve to be fired, and brought up on child neglect charges. A sad and pathetic group of people.

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If any red blood American parent denied their children food the school district would call Child Services on them. Embarrassing these poor children because their accounts ran out of money is not a way to teach our children responsibility. Unfortunately this has happened throughout this nation as schools feel they are above everyone else and control our children while in their schools.

SALT LAKE CITY –  Parents say about 50 elementary students in Salt Lake City had their school lunches thrown out because money was owed on their food accounts.

The lunches costing about $3 were taken from the children on Tuesday as they arrived at a pay station after cafeteria workers had given them the food.

Parent Erica Lukes said the action was humiliating and demoralizing for students.

The Salt Lake City School District said the move came after it realized a lot of students at Uintah (Yoo-IN-tah) Elementary…

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