INSANITY IN THE HEADLINES: The Perils of Pride and Self-Delusion

The Oil for Your Lamp

As I continue to study the Progressive movement and its many ideological cousins, I have noticed something that seems to be common to the followers in every branch of its family tree.  They all suffer from a total lack of humility.  What’s more, this lack of humility seems to be connected to an assumption that they are smarter than the average person and that this gives them a ‘superior’ understanding of things.  They then assume that, because they are smarter and have a better understanding, they have a moral obligation to save society from itself – even if it has to be done against the will of the people.  After all, the people are too stupid to know what is best for them.  Now, on the surface, this is enough to really anger those who actually are smarter but who are humble enough not to assume they have some duty…

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