EVERY CHILD BORN GETS GOVERNMENT OVERSEER Parents warned to ‘be very afraid’ of new ‘Big Brother’ law

Christian Patriots


A Christian rights organization in the United Kingdom has promised to mount an attack on what its chief calls “Big Brother politics writ large” – a law adopted in Scotland that would assign a legal overseer to every child when it is born.

“It is clear this bill breaches European rules through its attack on the family. … Ordinary Scots should be very afraid,” Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute said after the parliamentary law was adopted on a 105-0 vote.

“We have no option but to challenge this illegal law all the way,” Hart said. “This is a dreadful extension of the state’s tentacles into family life.”

The law requires the National Health Service to appoint a health worker to be a “named person” with overseer responsibilities for every child. At age 5, the responsibility for that “named person” would be shifted to local governments.

According to the…

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