Tart Tuesday (25 Feb 14)

(Be Advised the following is completely fictional and sarcastic)


WANTED:  unmotivated, lazy, corrupt, incompetent people who want undeserved power and way to much pay.

WHY:  The Federal Government needs people with low morals to circumvent law and common sense.

WHAT:  The Government needs obedient no-nothings to do their bidding, like denying veteran’s applications for benefits, over-investigating political opponents, and of course, ignoring blatant violations of law and people’s civil rights.

If you think, you have an incompetent bully inside of you, WE want You, because this level of fraud, waste, and abuse is not possible without petty, depraved, inept, and completely unthinking bureaucrats to do all of our bidding.  Be advised, you will be tested to assure that you have the proper level of ‘training’ to be a good progressive, unionized, federal employee.

Please call (800) 267-7878 or 386-2277, you can also try our website,  http://www.apparatchikwanted.gov

*Tea Party members, lovers of freedom, and anyone with morals and/or common sense need not apply.

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