A Few Questions I have…



A few questions I have…


*  Why is it considered sexist to tell women not to dress overly provocative when going out, but it is not sexist to tell men & women not to flash their cash?  If you look like lunch, you will attract predators.


*  What financial adviser has ever told someone who has come to them with a pile of credit card debt, “Spend your way out of debt”?


If your answer to 3 x 4 is 11, you don’t know a proper method for multiplication, yes?


*  If illegal aliens can vote in elections, get driver’s licenses/IDs, welfare, in-state tuition, and not have to pay federal income tax, what is the benefit to being a citizen?


If Free Speech is a privilege intended for educated professionals, do we really have Freedom of Speech?


*  What is a “hate crime”?  Isn’t all crime, hateful, or do people go around, saying “I love you, Now give me your wallet, before I shoot you in the face!!”?


Just a few random questions bouncing around my head.  Come back tomorrow for Humpday History, it will be about the history of the Crimea.

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