MSNBC: ‘studies show’ you’re more likely to be abducted by a UFO than witness voter fraud

That explains the liberals (statists) out of this world fantasies about ObamaCare and Gun Control, amongst others.


Yesterday, MSNBC host Joy Reid had lots of fun “discussing” voter fraud and voter ID laws with her guests. As it always does on the world’s worst “news” network, the panel devolved into MSNBC’s standard “grill the conservative” idiocy, focused on nonsensical race-baiting arguments. “Minorities will be disenfranchised because they’re either too stupid or too poor to get passports and photo ID.” You know, the usual left-wing line.

However, at one point, Joy Reid dropped a bombshell on the world. Aliens exist, UFO abduction is real, and there have been “studies” which show you’re more likely to be probed by little green men than to witness voter fraud at the polls:

“I mean there have been a lot of studies on the right?  There are a lot of studies that show – literally – you’re more likely to be beamed up into a UFO or struck by lightning than find…

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