Can’t Say the ‘L’ Word!

By Staff Report via The Daily Bell

Millennial Madness: What Happens If Young Voters Bolt Both Parties? New study shows choosiest voters itching to disrupt two-party system … When I was the age my kids are now, television networks offered three, barely distinguishable choices. Including Internet video, my kids’ options are almost infinite. I walked to a library. My kids download books. I owned a few dozen cassette tapes. Their iPods stream thousands of songs. A quarter-century ago, editors decided what news I read. My kids are their own editors and publishers. My kids are Millennials, raised in an era of rapid change and boundless amounts of information, choice and customization. – National Journal

Dominant Social Theme: Nothing to see here. Millennials, too, are political creatures. They’ll settle down and vote Republican or Democrat soon enough.


Free-market Analysis: Right on schedule and just as we predicted, it…

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