10 Reasons PPACA Obamacare is Failing

IP4PI - Independent Physicians for Patient independence

With all due respect, “experts” do not agree on the consequences of PPACA. Many practicing physicians, accountants and economists agree that “it:”

1. It is totally unaffordable in the federal budget.
2. It “steals” money from the almost bankrupt Medicare Ponzi scheme.
3. It is causing multiple double digit increases in everyone’s health insurance coverage from 2013 forward.
4. It created expensive health insurance exchanges paid for by borrowing on fed taxpayer dollars, only to force states to make up the funding on their own in future years and thereby likely increasing state income tax.
5. It puts the IRS in charge of data collection and enforcement of the largest new tax penalty in the history of our country. Perhaps you have read of multiple IRS infractions on selective enforcement recently?
6. It puts IPAB, a committee of politicians, not physicians or patients, in charge of care spending decisions.

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