10 Skills You Must Have To Survive in a Long Term Post Apocalyptic World


Surviving long term in a post apocalyptic world will not be easy.  Here are 10 essential skills you must have in order to increase your survival chances.

  • The ability to purify your water sources when your prepped supply of water eventually runs dry.
  • The ability to put food on the table when all of your canned goods and MRE’s are gone.
  • A well developed, heightened sense of situational awareness; along with avoiding dangerous people and places.
  • Basic mechanical skills to repair whatever breaks.
  • The will and the skill to use a variety of weapons types to defend your loved ones.
  • The ability to move through areas quickly, quietly, and with purpose.
  • Confidence, positive thinking, mental and physical toughness, as well as an optimistic outlook.
  • Scavenging and re-supply skills to supplement the things you will need both long and short term.
  • A good sense of whom to trust and whom to…

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