Sunday Contemplation [10 Aug 14]

It has been far too long since I last took a few moments and put my thoughts into words, and so much has gone on.


— Malaysian Air Flight 370 is still missing.  Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the families who wait in vain still.


— Our hotfooted departure from Iraq has left that unstable but important region at the mercy of a new crop of Islamic fascists.  (to say nothing of our Kurdish allies, who are now surrounding by either hostile nations/forces or completely indifferent countries)


— Thousands of immigrants flood our southern borders overwhelming, what many call “one of the most thankless jobs in the world”, the US Border Patrol.

The federal government, apparently warned well in advance, began shipping these undocumented and unverified immigrants around the country to ‘secret’ concentration camps, reminding some of the events in Europe in the previous century.

These poor people should be returned to their home and family as quickly as possible to prevent further unfortunate people from following in their long plight through such dangers, that few can truly understand.

Furthermore, our esteemed President should make a public announcement clearly stating that the journey to America is long and dangerous and it is much better to come through official methods so you can be properly welcomed to America.

One cannot help to be concerned with these poor people’s health and well-being, and that should be our primary concern but as a public safety issue, the public surrounding these concentration camps should be warned well in advance so standard public health concerns can be addressed.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


— Hamas has attacked Israel again, and to no one’s surprise, is in the midst of world-class beating the likes of which the world has not seen since….the last time Hamas attacked Israel.

We would like to announce a ceasefire, but then we would have to announce that it had been broken, and then a whole new ceasefire, than it being broke, and then another ceasefire, and it being broken, and so on.  So instead we will go out on a limb here and announce that it looks like this latest flare up is on the wind down, so in the next 3 to 5 days a long-term deal or more likely a renewed “we won’t launch a dozen rockets at you a day if you promise not to beat us like a rented mule.  2 or 3 is ok, tho, right?” deal should be reached.


— Ebola epidemic running rampant in west Africa, 2 victims who are US nationals have been medevac’d back to the US, to hospital near Atlanta where the CDC (you remember those guys that shipped bird flu to low security labs, used zip-lock bags to transport disease samples, because nothing says professional like a carrying a baggy, at least buy some Tupperware, to be honest I am rather surprised that the CDC, a federal agency, hasn’t spent $146 million in R&D and $13,000 per unit for a Tupperware clone that fails to close 3 times in 10, weighs no less than 8 pounds empty, and has to be destroyed in a class III incinerator lest it become a toxic hazard) can keep an eye on them.

FYI:  symptoms for Ebola infection are from the CDC itself 


— Closer to home, while officially the recession is over et al, John Q. Public continues to take a pounding at the market.  No not the stock market while that has taken hits in the last week, no I mean the price of things like gas, chicken, and canned green beans.

Not so long ago, Andrew Jackson could take your car from fumes to “I got a couple of days of gas”, now your lucky if you get enough to get to “I got enough to get to work”.  Some how Uncle Sam has decided that there is no inflation so Johnny boy continues to lose confidence in the government.  Insidious plot or equal measures of epic level hubris and total war style politics?  I lean to the latter but that being said the former is sounding less and less “conspiracy theory”.






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