Robin Williams (and an honest conversation about suicide)

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I’m going to try to avoid as much of the obligatory Robin Williams fan oogling as possible. Throughout this article, that may make me look like I’m trying to throw the dead guy’s good name in the mud but that’s definitely not my goal. He’s just a sad example of why we need to look at suicide a little differently.

Earlier this week Robin Williams was found dead. From the beginning of the investigation it looked like a pretty obvious suicide (slit wrists, asphyxiation.) It didn’t take long before the internet opened up a can of worms by popularizing a video of Robin Williams saying, “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” That statement obviously now casts an eerie shadow around his suicide.

Before that comment in the interview, Robin Williams was discussing how one particular person’s suicide was a mistake. He was specifically speaking out…

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