Boy genius – “you got mail”

The Goomba Gazette

King of the e-mail:

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In 1978 an Indian American kid named Shiva Ayyadurai, at the age of 14 while he was still in high school was given the task by the University of Medicine and Dentistry to come up with an electronic method for the staff at the university to communicate electronically . This boy genius eventually created a way of communicating for the staff that we know as e-mail.


E-mail is the most used electronic tools ever developed. In 2013 there were 182.9 billion emails sent on a daily basis around the world.

Shiva finally received official recognition as the inventor of the computer program from the US government on August 30, 1982.

It is too bad that Shiva could not charge a 1000 th of a cent per email sent; he would make Bill Gates and Warren Buffet…

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