HOMELAND SECURITY: Al Qaeda Inspire promotes arson in the U.S. (again)

This is the threat we face

Chainsoff's Blog


The latest issue of the Al Qaeda periodical, once again calls for lone wolf arson attacks within the United States. The proposed scenario highlights the financial impact of the arson attacks and ability to “increase America’s debt with his modest matchbox”.

“Tsarnaev in the woods, balances the equation. Incognito to men, but Allãh is the
All-Knowing. He looks around, buildings and houses destroyed, people displaced. He
thinks, “I recall watching similar videos. … Aha! Palestine!” He looks up in the sky, “Planes
in the US? A familiar scene in Waziristãn, Somalia and Yemen. Lex talionis: wildfire for
Hellfire; tit for tat.” He listens to the radio. “What? Reservoirs contaminated? That isn’t
even news! Americans’ waste has contaminated the Somali coast more!” He exclaims.

He watches the Weather Forecast, “Climate change in the US, blah blah blah. So?

Nothing new, the same result as that of the American industries in…

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