6 Clever Reasons Chap Stick Should Be In Your Survival Kit


6 Reasons Chap Stick Should Be In Your Survival Kit

By Nicholas O.Off The Grid News

Every true survivalist and prepper has a survival kit at-hand, but very few will have this simple item in their kit: Chap Stick.

Believe it or not, Chap Stick is one of the most useful items you could have in a catastrophic situation. Of course, it will serve you well healing chapped lips, but it is also an incredibly versatile survival tool that will benefit you in other areas.

No survival kit is complete without some Chap Stick thrown in the bag, and here’s why:

1. Treating a wound.

Maybe you’ve gotten a cut or a bruise. Chap Stick will help to protect the wound or bruise by keeping external matter outside of the affected area, and thus lower the risk of developing an infection. If you’re stuck out in the wilderness and develop an infection from a cut with scant medical…

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