‘Imam Ali Brigade of Iraq’ Captures and Beheads ISIS Terrorists (Video)

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Iraqi security forces and Turkmen Shiite fighters hold a position in Amerli, which has been completely surrounded by Islamic State militants for weeks, Aug. 4, 2014. (photo by Ali Al-Bayati/AFP/Getty Images). Photo courtesy of: Al-Monitor

Amerli,Iraq: A City Under a 70-Day Siege by ISIS

by, Omar al-Jaffal | Al-MonitorMad World & Bare Naked Islam

On Aug. 21, banners were raised in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, pleading for the city of Amerli to be saved from the Islamic State (IS) blockade that has been ongoing for the past 70 days. The youths, activists and intellectuals staged a two-day demonstration to attract the attention of the international community and the Iraqi government to the suffering of the region to the north of Baghdad. Around 20,000 Iraqis from the Turkmen Shiite minority live in Amerli, where the IS blockade affects 36 surrounding villages.

One grim female protester raised a banner reading, “Did the military experts fail…

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