Cockroaches Have Rights Too!

Be Advised Sarcasm Ahead


By Al Benson Jr.

I was on my way out the door one morning last week when I saw a van from the Federal Police Department parked in front of my neighbor John’s house. This caught my interest, as John is a pretty quiet guy who lives alone, plays chess, and pretty much never bothers anybody.

As I watched, out John’s front door came two federal policemen, dragging John along with them in handcuffs. Risking possible arrest, I went over to John and asked him what he had done that warranted this kind of treatment. His answer was “I killed a field mouse two nights ago with a mouse trap. Now it turns out that I am in violation of Federal Statute XXX501P3, which delineates exactly how and when field mice may be trapped.” The policemen, probably figuring I was no threat, let John talk to me, probably figuring that…

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