The existential threat to the U.S., the liberal agenda.


As the layers of specious activities get peeled away from the Chief Executive’s actions we continue to discover an arrogance and nefarious intent which if unchecked will destroy America.  We only need to look at what has been in the news in the last 30 days to see this so, lets review the bidding.

Benghazi:  Although this seems to be overshadowed by other controversies it is troubling not only because of what we know..but also because of what we don’t know.  The administration was engaged in some activity which it is taking extraordinary measures to hide.  Even to the point of letting American’s die.  It was willing to lie to cover its tracks in the hope that a lethargic electorate would not take any deeper interest in this than it did in the election.  Even when confronted with having been discovered, being found out the Chief Executive and his subordinates…

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