Labour Lies just keep getting worse. A UKIP supporters view.

Rotherham Politics

Can Labour get any lower?

One of the main problems impacting modern day politics is a partial disconnect and lack of belief shown in political parties by the electorate.

People feel lied to, and manipulated by politicians who have made promises on many policies and broken them.

This is bad enough. To have representatives of a mainstream political party lying about the policies of other parties is disgraceful.

None more so have done this than the Labour Party in my opinion.

Over the last 9 months they have been lying consistently about UKIP policies with regards to the NHS and other matters. Telling people that UKIP want to privatise the NHS and charge patients for health-care, on many occasions vaguely referring to an article written by a representative of the party who meant his comments as ideas, not policies.

It is obvious for anyone that ideas given by representatives aren’t…

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