The letter

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Brimfield Police Chief David Oliver from Kent, Ohio
posted a letter on Facebook yesterday concerning the
handling of Ebola. Here is what he said:

Dear Centers of Disease Control,

Well…I might as well join the crowd, I guess. I am
not a doctor nor did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express
last night. Since everyone in the government and
press is firing up all of our friends over the Ebola
cases, I thought that a small town police chief
without a medical degree would offer some leadership
to your organization. Heaven forbid someone in the
government takes a leadership role. Gasp!

By the very name of your organization, you folks
control diseases. I have to ask a question, and risk
sounding argumentative. Here it goes.

You all REALLY could not isolate and control ONE case
of Ebola? It was ONE case on U.S. soil. One!! You are
the Centers…

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