Day: November 7, 2014

Who are these people?


American Family Association

Lieutenant Gen. William G. Boyken (Ret.)

Family research council

America’s Promise Ministry

American Border Patrol/American Patrol

Federation for American Immigration Reform

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Jewish Defense League

Traditional Values Coalition


Chuck Baldwin

David Barton

Michael Boldin

Dr. Ben Carson

Pamela Geller

Stewart Rhodes

These are all people and groups that are listed on the Southern poverty law center site as extremists. Many of those on the list are pastors and all that they have done to get listed is to believe that homosexuality is a sin. ( Anti LGBT )

That’s right, simply by believing their religion they can be listed as extremists and hate groups by the SPLC.  Another way to get on it is by wanting to stem the tidal wave of illegal immigration flooding our country (Anti-immigrant)

But it goes farther than just being put on a list…

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