Day: December 1, 2014

AGENDAS: The Role of Violence in the Revolutionary’s Plan

The Oil for Your Lamp

I want to ask you to think back over the past few years.  Try to remember how many times you have seen organized violence employed on a massive scale.  I am going to ask you to reject the media’s claim that it has been ‘spontaneous.’  It hasn’t.  It is well known that it was all planned: from Occupy Wall Street to the Arab Spring.  All of it was ‘organized’ by violent revolutionaries, and the violence is used as part of their formula for toppling governments.  This is because the model works.  It was how Russia fell to Lenin, and how Hitler tried to take over Germany — the first time.  The idea is, if you can create enough hatred within society, then cause it to just break out into social unrest, then others will ‘stand up’ and the existing government can be brought down.  This is when the revolutionary…

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Blaming the victims, excusing the criminals is not #justice, it is a path to destruction

The Daley Gator

We are seeing some very valuable lessons come out of the Michael Brown shooting and aftermath, but, will those on the Left who are truly well intended learn those lessons? I have a short message that I wish every Liberal could hear but first, some examples of the lessons that are being taught on how NOT to react to incidents like the Michael Brown shooting.

Think before you speak, get the facts. Too often Liberals get caught up in a narrative, and never let facts get in the way. Take Rosie O’Donnell for instance

Rosie O’Donnell, co-host of ABC’s “The View” argued that “black boys are like the endangered species in America” in a discussion on the upcoming grand jury decision in Ferguson on Tuesday.

She said that “it feels like someone might know what verdict is coming. that’s what it feels like to me,” later adding “a gross injustice is…

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