Day: December 6, 2014

Boehner Joins Hands with Pelosi to Defeat Conservatives

The fight for your freedom never ends…because if you stop fighting, and the enemies of freedom don’t…you lose.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

emailhdr+copy.pngBoehner Joins Hands with Pelosi to Defeat Conservatives

— Action brings Boehner’s legitimacy as Speaker into question


Not a GOA member yet?  Make sure to join Gun Owners of America!

You have let Washington know that you oppose giving Barack Obama a blank check until September 30, 2015 and, in doing so, that you oppose Congress setting gun policy in a long-term, Harry Reid-drafted appropriations bill.

And Washington has heard you, loud and clear.

According to Neil Munro of the Daily Caller, House Speaker John Boehner is now faced with “snowballing opposition” to his plan of passing a ten-month carte blanche funding bill for the government, crafted by Harry Reid on the Senate side and by a House that has a lot more Democrats than it will have after January 6.

The Boehner abomination is called the “Cromnibus” — a combination of the initials for “continuing…

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Bureaucracy, A Guide

The mission objectives of a bureaucracy…

1.  Justify existence (even if there is none, one must be found)

2.  Ensure safety from downsizing

3.  Grow (any and all means of growth is acceptable)

4.  Expand (take over other organizations responsibilities)

5.  Hire consultants (who you plan on working for later) at vastly inflated prices to study the problem.

6.  Publicly announce that after your initial overview, you must have more resources to tackle the problem.

7.  Make the talk show rounds (obviously mainly the supportive popular ones)

8.  Hire an ad agency to come up with a catchy slogan that can be hammered in to people’s brains.

9.  Make the rounds through Congress to drum up support, point out how your expansion benefits their district/home state.

10.  Initiate a massive multi-year study of the problems you hope to solve, ensure you hire many contractors to help, also ensure your entire budget is spent well before the end of the fiscal year.

11.  Hire sons and daughters of your political allies, their friends, and supplicants

CONNECTING THE DOTS: How the Gruber Story Pulls Back the Curtain, Part II: Affirming the Warnings

The Oil for Your Lamp

It would appear that the Gruber story is no longer a concern for anyone.  Well, I haven’t forgotten it.  In fact, I’m going to add it to my list of things for which I am thankful this week.  I have tried to explain to whoever would listen that these people have been open and honest about what they believe, what they want to do and how they plan to do it.  I’ve even told people where to go to find their declarations.  But they usually declare their intentions in academic settings and in technical writings that are not easily accessed by the average person — until now.  Gruber changed all of this.  I simply cannot think of another example where everything I have tried to explain the past few years is so clearly illustrated, and yet, many people — even many who should know better — still do not see…

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Watch as 2 Veterans Perform a Citizens Arrest on Nearly an Entire Local Government

I love it

Random Candidate

By relentlessly pursuing justice for even the smallest infractions by bureaucrats and politicians, the Edgar County Watchdogs have driven 102 public officials to resign from their posts, including 33 officials in Edgar County alone.

The pair busted the mayor of Redmond for attempting to hold office while living out of town.

They represented themselves in court and beat Illinois Assistant Attorney General Emma Steimel in a lawsuit seeking access to state e-mails.


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