Bureaucracy, A Guide

The mission objectives of a bureaucracy…

1.  Justify existence (even if there is none, one must be found)

2.  Ensure safety from downsizing

3.  Grow (any and all means of growth is acceptable)

4.  Expand (take over other organizations responsibilities)

5.  Hire consultants (who you plan on working for later) at vastly inflated prices to study the problem.

6.  Publicly announce that after your initial overview, you must have more resources to tackle the problem.

7.  Make the talk show rounds (obviously mainly the supportive popular ones)

8.  Hire an ad agency to come up with a catchy slogan that can be hammered in to people’s brains.

9.  Make the rounds through Congress to drum up support, point out how your expansion benefits their district/home state.

10.  Initiate a massive multi-year study of the problems you hope to solve, ensure you hire many contractors to help, also ensure your entire budget is spent well before the end of the fiscal year.

11.  Hire sons and daughters of your political allies, their friends, and supplicants

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