Day: December 19, 2014

told ya it was on the way….Knife Rights fights against NYC blade ordinances

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told ya it was on the way….

National knife rights group mounts appeal from second circuit, district court decision that dismissed their complaint against New York City officials who are allegedly, unfairly and unlawfully, prosecuting knife owners.
“Nothing city officials are doing has any impact on actual criminal activity,” said Doug Ritter, founder and chairman of Knife Rights, an organization formed in 2006 to combat an anti-knife agenda that seeks to restrict citizens of their right to own, use and carry knives. “This is about persecuting honest, law abiding citizens for carrying a simple pocket knife.”
Most knife attacks, including the most recent one at a synagogue in Brooklyn, are not committed with pocket knives; most are committed with large fixed-blade kitchen knives, he said. “The vast majority of people who carry the pocket knife do so because they use them – just like everyone else –…

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Rewind: wages to fighters for Al Qaeda in Iraq

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In early 2013, Money Jihad came across informative research by Danielle Jung and Jacob Shapiro at Princeton University (hat tip to University College London lecturer Paul Gill) into wages paid to members of Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI)—the group that eventually became the Islamic State. Money Jihad drafted some bullet points on some of the findings from the research, but didn’t publish them in a blog post at the time. But better late than never—details about AQI’s wage structure have been lost in the shuffle amidst bigger commentary on ISIS’s money from oil, ransoms, and looted antiquities.  Yet the expenditure side of the ledger is just as important:

  • AQI paid insurgents using a flat wage structure with additional compensation based on the size of the fighter’s family, not based on the fighter’s seniority in the organization.
  • No correlation was found between wages to terrorists to the amount of risk…

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UPDATED: Turkey’s Ruling AKP Going Back To Its Radical Roots

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Once the champion of individual freedoms, the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) is now pushing an ultra-conservative and Islamist agenda, as party officials feel their public support is strong enough to transform the country.

Last week’s National Education Council and the subsequent debate over the education system, as well as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s speech earlier this week at the Fifth Religion Council, are clear examples of what the AKP will offer citizens in the general elections next June.

Although the debate has mostly stuck on whether the Ottoman language should be a compulsory lesson in high schools, Erdoğan’s speech was about much more than that.

“We are going beyond the banalities taught to us for 200 years. We are finally asking the right questions,” the president said, referring to the Tanzimat reform era in the Ottoman Empire in the 19th century, the first attempts of Westernization in…

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ISIS annual income nears 3 billion: estimate

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Shattering previous estimates, Thomson Reuters Accelus says that ISIS’s annual income is $2.9 billion annually with total assets surpassing $2 trillion.

Most of the income comes from the energy sector, with 55 percent income coming from oil and natural gas. The remainder comes from extortion/Islamic taxation (12 percent); control of the Iraqi agricultural sector (primarily wheat and barley at 7 percent), the cement industry (10 percent), and phosphate mining (10 percent); kidnap-for-ransom schemes (4 percent); and donations (2 percent).

Hat tip to Gisele for sending in an infographic from their findings, which include the income breakdown:

Where Islamic State gets its money

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