Day: December 30, 2014

Image of the Day: 30 December 2014

Maiden on the Midway


An Afghan girl greets a joint patrol of US troops from the Charlie Company, 2-87 Infantry, 3rd Brigade Combat Team and Afghan National Army soldiers at Kandalay village in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar, Afghanistan.

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Does Our President REALLY Know What TRUE Torture Is?

The Silent Soldier

Colonel Bud DayDecember 30, 2014

By Lorra B.

The following letter was written by Colonel Bud Day, a Vietnam Veteran.  The story he has to tell is not only worth reading but most definitely sharing as well. You see, Colonel Day, having been captured by the enemy twice, knows what it truly means to be tortured, over and over and over again.Please consider this brave heroes story in light of current events and share it if you feel led to do so.

Born February 24, 1925, George Everett “Bud” Day is a retired U.S. Air Force Colonel and Command Pilot who served during the Vietnam War. He is often mentioned as being the most decorated U.S. Service member since General Douglas MacArthur, having received seventy decorations, a majority for his actions in combat. Day is, most deservedly, a recipient of the Medal of Honor.

Colonel Day’s letter is shown, typos and all…

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