The (Ever-Growing) List Of Cowards Refusing To Publish The Mohammad Cartoons

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Alex Griswold
Media Reporter

In the wake of the terrorist attack on French satirical newspaper Charlie Habdo for publication of cartoons of Mohammad, a number of Western outlets are on the record refusing to the publish the same cartoons.

(NOTE: For the record, The Daily Caller has decided to publish the photos when necessary — partly as a stand for free speech, but mostly out of a complete disregard for staff safety. Look, here’s one now!)


Associated Press

A statement from the Associated Press indicates that it is their policy not to publish Mohammad cartoons. “None of the images distributed by AP showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad,” a spokesman told The Daily Beast. “It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.”

And yet, many on Twitter noted that the AP was still selling images of “Piss Christ,” the anti-Christian piece of art depicting…

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