Day: January 8, 2015

My message to citizens of the west on January 7, 2015

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My message to citizens of the west on January 7, 2015

There was a tragic execution of civilians in Paris today by Muslims acting in the name of Islam. This single event however is dwarfed by the multiple acts of terrorism committed worldwide on a daily basis by followers of the cult of Islam.
Citizens of the west, wake up and smell the Islam. These are not random acts of violence carried out by radical individuals. These are acts carried out many times on a daily basis worldwide by followers of a certain belief and that belief is Islam.

You as citizens of a western nation are starting to suffer the consequences (increasingly) of the policies of politically correct politicians whom you have voted into office, into positions of leadership and responsibility. Positions of responsibility? These people are responsible for encouraging Muslims to emigrate into your countries in the name…

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Time for a New ‘Draw Mohammad’ Contest


The latest attack on the French ‘Humor’ Magazine Charlie Hebdo resulting in 12+ casualties illustrates the need for a Global Response.

While I’m sure the White House and U.S. State Department have whipped out their sharpies and are creating a pouty hashtag campaign

I’m suggesting something more serious.

It’s time for a month-long, daily, Draw Mohammad Contest.  Just like Draw Mohammad Day… just bigger, longer and uncut… as Matt and Trey might put it.

While I could Drone on like John Kerry, and Obama’s Middle East Diplomatic Terrorist Outreach Program, regarding Socialist on Socialist violence… I will not.

In the Spirit of the magazine it is time for all of us to react accordingly.

If not now, When? If not us, Who?
We are the Cartoonists we’ve been waiting for.

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