8 officers hurt, 1 suspect dead in Ariz. Walmart gun battle

Cottonwood, Az is a small town about 20 miles from Sedona, Az.


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COTTONWOOD, AZ – A suspect who shot and wounded a Cottonwood police officer was shot and killed in a gun battle late Saturday night that left seven officers hurt and a second suspect wounded.

A woman who works at a Walmart was allegedly assaulted by a group of people just before midnight, according to an Arizona Department of Public Safety news release.

The nine suspects, all from the same family, were gathered in a parking lot outside the store and immediately began attacking arriving police officers, DPS said.

Louie Solano was a witness to what happened.

“I was here last night,” he said. “It was a lot of noise. It looked like a riot in the middle of the parking lot. I mean it was unbelievable.”

During the fight, one of the Cottonwood police officers suffered a gunshot wound to the leg. One of the suspects was shot…

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